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TSS Solutions depot

TSS Solutions’ Depot is a high-tech service, repair and distribution center specializing in the repair, reengineering, and upgrade of the most sophisticated radar systems. Led and staffed by some of the most experienced technical and engineering experts in the radar and satcom industries.

Our Depot services range  from repairing equipment, and re-engineering and retrofits, to total upgrade of components both in-house and in the field. TSS Solutions’ Depot operation leverages our state-of-the-art tools and methods to deliver proven results for your newer and legacy equipment that is no longer covered by an OEM warranty.


Our skilled engineers and technicians troubleshoot and repair radar and satellite communications equipment at the component level by re-engineering, repairing, and upgrading equipment to significantly extend the service life of your systems. This Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) can deliver additional 10 to 20 years of service—often where replacement components are simply not available from OEM manufacturers, thereby eliminating issues related to Diminished Manufacturing Sources (DMS).  


TSS Solutions’ Depot can enhance your legacy equipment, bringing it up to current capabilities at significant cost savings, compared to buying new.  In modernizing your equipment, we can also ensure that end user system interactions remain virtually unchanged, eliminating the need for  re-training system operators.


TSS Solutions’ Depot supports a wide range of radar and SATCOM systems. Our team possess a particular and unique depth of capabilities  with the  AN/TPS-43, -63, -70, -75, and TARS-L88 radar systems, but our experience is not limited to those systems. We perform services on satellite communications equipment, VHF/UHF/HF radio systems, power systems, electro-mechanical and hydraulic/water systems, and A/C, compressor/dehydrator, and cabling systems as well.

 The list of services available through our Depot is extensive and includes the following: 

  • Generate and maintain equipment schematics, bill of materials, and mechanical drawings

  • Produce and maintain test procedures and fixtures

  • Provide technical support for repairs: Legacy / Modern equipment out of warranty

  • Service Life Extension Program (SLEP)

  • Tooling

  • Testing

  • Re-engineering / Reverse Engineering

  • Repair / Refurbishment

  • Complete, comprehensive system upgrades

  • Training Services


Bring us your challenges, because We’ve Got Your Track.™

TSS Solutions Depot Repair equipment
TSS Solutions Depot Repair equipment
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