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Ground-based satellite communications equipment

TSS Solutions has decades of success in engineering, modernizing, installing, integrating, testing and commissioning more than 1000, worldwide earth stations, antennas, and electronics.  Our customers rely on timely, uninterrupted voice, video and data provided by these systems.


We can provide your organization with a broad array of solutions and services to support your mission requirements including:


Project Management

  • Project and program planning

  • Budget and schedule accountability



  • Design and product selection



  • Site preparation

  • Training

  • Installation

  • Integration

  • Testing

  • Commissioning

  • Traffic cut-overs

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Maintenance programs

  • Perform SSOG/ESOG or any space segment provider requirements



  • Antenna Size:  VSAT—21M

  • Frequency Bands: C/Ku/Ka/S/X

  • Mounts: Full and Limited Motion, LEO-MEO & GEO Satellite Systems

  • Gateways & Full Telemetry Tracking and Control (TT&C)

  • IDR/DVB/SSOG & ESOG Networks

  • IP/Frame Relay Networks

  • Point-to-Point/Mesh/Star Topologies

  • Voice/Data/Video

Satellite dish
Satellite dish
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