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Gary Ambrose Named Chief Operating Officer

Updated: Mar 28

TSS Solutions, an Acorn Growth Company, announces the appointment and hiring of Gary Ambrose as TSS Solutions Chief Operating Officer (COO).


Gary Ambrose

“Gary is bringing over three decades of aviation and defense expertise into TSS Solutions, and we welcome his leadership and drive to assist TSS with rapid technology insertions that add value to our existing radar portfolio,” says Don DiFrisco, TSS Solutions President and CEO. “It is remarkable to note that Gary began his Navy career as a radar repair technician and has recent RDT&E experience that supports TSS and warfighter objectives.”


Brandon Bradford, Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Acorn Growth Companies, says TSS Solutions “is a well-recognized and predominant name in the Air Surveillance radar maintenance and repair industry, and Gary’s Counter UAS and UAS threat subject matter expertise and RDT&E experience will add great value to the team as we support our customers into adjacent areas of RADAR development.”


TSS Solutions is the defense electronics leader in upgrading, reengineering, repairing, and operating ground-based tactical and fixed-position radar and SATCOM systems. TSS Solutions serves the global defense, telecommunications, and commercial industries. The Company is committed to building innovative products and delivering world-class engineering and technical services to support customers' missions globally. The men and women of TSS Solutions are proud to support the United States and its allies who protect national interests and preserve freedom and stability around the world.


Acorn Growth Companies is a middle-market private equity firm focused exclusively on Aerospace, Defense, and Intelligence. Acorn invests solely in operating companies that strive to enhance global mobility and protect national interests. Acorn has a formidable reputation in the industry and is recognized for its deep understanding of the Aerospace and Defense markets, with proprietary access to the best companies within these sectors. With operational expertise and its ability to lead and manage investments through variable economic and industry cycles, Acorn works with management to build its portfolio companies into significant market leaders.


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