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TSS Solutions, an Acorn Growth Company, is the leader in innovating high quality, responsive, and cost-effective technical products and services supporting the global defense electronics industry.

TSS Solutions Leadership Team

Image of Terry O'Neal, Vice President for Radar Solutions

Terry O'Neal

Vice President, Radar Solutions

As the VPRO for TSS Solutions, Terry is responsible for the development, implementation, operation, and expansion of TSS Solutions’ portfolio of Radar contracts. 


Terry has over 25 years of experience in radar maintenance, integration, refurbishment, deployment operations, and logistics support.   Terry began his technical career as a radar engineering support and integration technician at Naval Research and Development (NRaD), Depot West, and performing full system refurbishments for the Marine Corps AN/TPS-73 radars at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego (SPAWARSYSCEN). Terry received his formal radar system training at Pensacola Naval Air Station.   


After joining the private sector in 2000, Terry managed remote radar sites and deployments supporting US counterdrug efforts in central and south America, along with Tethered Aerostat Radar Systems (TARS) technical and logistics support along the US Border.  Terry spent 9 years as Program Manager for the Mobil Air Surveillance Systems (MASS) USAF contract for TSS Solutions before assuming his role as VPRO.

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