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TSS Solutions, an Acorn Growth Company, is the leader in innovating high quality, responsive, and cost-effective technical products and services supporting the global defense electronics industry.

TSS Solutions Leadership Team

Tony Rycko 2023.jpg

Tony Rycko

Vice President, Engineering & Manufacturing

As Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing at TSS Solutions, Tony guides the TSS Solutions teams who design, manufacture and repair radar systems and components. New modernized Radar upgrades using TSS Solutions enhancement designs transforms radar systems to achieve  improved operational reliability, features and functions that can significantly extend these systems’ intended service life while adding significant performance improvements. 


Prior to joining TSS, Tony led Engineering, Production and Service teams in the creation, manufacture, commercialization  and support of covert surveillance equipment for Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies. Tony conceived and designed award-[i] and contract-winning[ii] purpose built highly-specialized surveillance solutions, including required training and materials for agents from ATF, DEA, GSA-OIG, ICE, State Department, United States Secret Service, Homeland Security, and other agencies at the National Intelligence Academy.  Tony engaged and supported the National Technical Investigators Association (NATIA) conferences in promoting various national security initiatives.  At AT&T Bell Laboratories he was a member of the New Technology and Network Performance Team, Government liaison for Federal Telephone Systems and Large Network Systems test group lead. He led Engineering ISO certification efforts, performed competitive assessments and investigated international network performance. He also worked in cellular telephone development, ISDN development, speech recognition research and designed audio and video systems for teleconferencing products. Tony brings extensive experience with all key federal compliance requirements while leveraging his advanced training in program and project management, staff and  time management, team leadership,  as well as, ISO/TQM practices and procedures development.   


Anthony “Tony“ Rycko holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and has over 30 years’ experience in Engineering Program Management, Product Design, Systems Engineering and Quality Process initiatives.


Tony has volunteered at schools participating in the Great American Teach-In program educating citizens in Amateur Radio emergency communications.

[i] Won Gold Award at 2011 Government Security Awards (GOVIES)

[ii] Won Department of Justice contract DJDEA-07-R-0039

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